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Edité le 06/03/2018

L'IFP energies nouvelles offre une allocation doctorale de 3 ans sur le thème:  "Contribution of VUV spectroscopy for the rapid analysis of oil products"

Lieu de la thèse: IFPEN Lyon et IRCE Lyon

Démarrage : 1 octobre 2018

Directeurs de thèse :  Vincent Souchon et Christophe Geantet

Description du projet:

In the field of oil refining, knowledge of petroleum products before and after their transformation is essential to design efficient processes and catalysts. Since light and middle distillates mostly consist of volatile compounds, mono- and two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC and GC×GC) are techniques of choice. They can be coupled to universal detectors (FID, TCD), specific detectors (NCD, SCD), informative detectors (MS) but also more rarely to infrared spectroscopic (IR) or UV-visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopic detectors. In 2014, a spectroscopic detector in the far UV field (VUV Vacuum Ultra Violet, 120-250 nm) specifically designed to be coupled with GC was introduced to the market.

The aim of the proposed thesis is to evaluate the contributions of VUV spectroscopy in the GC and GC×GC field for the characterization of petroleum products. This work is directly linked to the growing use of High Throughput Experimentation (EHD) units requiring detailed, fast and automated analyses. Thus, the study will initially focus on the development of GC×GC-VUV analysis methods for middle distillates. The automated processing of data will be a major challenge that will require the application of constrained deconvolution algorithms dedicated to GC×GC-VUV data. Then, the work will be extended to other oil cuts such as gasoline or vacuum distillates. Finally, fast GC-VUV applications will also be studied.


Mots clés: GC×GC, VUV spectroscopy, data treatment, applied mathematics


Academic requirements

University Master degree in chemistry or analytical chemistry

Language requirements

Fluency in French or English, willingness to learn French

Other requirements

Skills in applied mathematics and informatics


pour candidater: Vincent Souchon

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