SFC 2018

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Edité le 14/06/2018

12th International Conference on Packed Columns SFC, 17-19 octobre, Strasbourg

Organizer: Green Chemistry Group


Join your friends and colleagues at SFC 2018, October 17-19th, 2018, conveniently located in Strasbourg, France, at the center of Europe.  Mingle with world-renowned leaders in supercritical fluid technologies and learn about the latest advances in SFC and SFE.  The conference will begin with a short course on SFC and SFE, followed by two full days of lectures, posters, vendor exhibits, discussion sessions, and social gatherings.

The world of SFC has grown to include application areas unimaginable just a decade ago – encompassing polar and nonpolar mixtures of importance in widely disparate application areas:  from pharmaceuticals to energy production, from nutrition to industrial chemicals, from flavor and fragrances to polymers, and much, much more.


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