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Conférence de Zhengjin Jiang

Edité le 07/09/2018

L'institut Galien Paris Sud accueille pendant 3 mois le professeur Zhengjin JIANG (Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Jinan university, Guangzhou, 510632, China).

A cette occasion le Professeur Jiang animera une conférence intitulée "Novel polymeric monoliths for pharmaceutical analysis"


Cette conférence se déroulera à la faculté de pharmacie de Chatenay malabry (batiment A, salle AB 19/3) le lundi 17 septembre à 11h

 Faculté de pharmacie de chatenay malabry   Contact

SFC 2018

Edité le 14/06/2018

12th International Conference on Packed Columns SFC, 17-19 octobre, Strasbourg

Organizer: Green Chemistry Group


Join your friends and colleagues at SFC 2018, October 17-19th, 2018, conveniently located in Strasbourg, France, at the center of Europe.  Mingle with world-renowned leaders in supercritical fluid technologies and learn about the latest advances in SFC and SFE.  The conference will begin with a short course on SFC and SFE, followed by two full days of lectures, posters, vendor exhibits, discussion sessions, and social gatherings.

The world of SFC has grown to include application areas unimaginable just a decade ago – encompassing polar and nonpolar mixtures of importance in widely disparate application areas:  from pharmaceuticals to energy production, from nutrition to industrial chemicals, from flavor and fragrances to polymers, and much, much more.


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 Strasbourg   Lien

Journée Chromatographie sur couche mince

Edité le 22/03/2018

Le club de chromatographie sur couche mince organise deux journées de conférence le 28  mars 2018 dans le cadre de forum labo Lyon.

Les conférénces se dérouleront à Lyon dans les halles 4,5 6 du centre des congrès.


le programme des journées et le bulletin d'inscription sont disponibles à cette adresse


 Centre des congrès de lyon 

Symposium on the practical application of separation science in biopharma industry

Edité le 18/12/2017

Le prochain Congrès du CASSS analytical technology sur les sciences séparatives appliquées aux domaines biopharmaceutiques se déroulera à Barcelone du 6 au 9 mars 2018.

Les thèmes abordés lors de ce congrès sont:

  • Capillary Electrophoresis

  • Mass Spectrometry

  •  Liquid Chromatography

  • Process Analytical Technologies

  •  Analytical Technologies to Control Polysorbate and its Degredation Products

  •  Introducing New Analytical Methods in QC

  •  True Automation and High Throughput Screening


Pour de plus amples renseignements, visitez le site du congrès.


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 Barcelona   Lien

42nd International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography

Edité le 16/10/2017

Les congrès:  "42nd International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and 15th GCxGC Symposium" se dérouleront du 13 au 18 mai 2018.

Lieu: palais des congrès Riva del Garda, Italy.


This year particular emphasis will be directed to all Comprehensive Separation Technologies in combinations of capillary chromatography and 2D GC with various forms of MS from unit-mass to high resolution, and from single to hybrid analyzers.



February 1, 2018 Abstract deadline for an Oral Presentation to be included in the Book of Abstracts

March 1, 2018 Abstract deadline for a Poster Presentation to be included in the Book of Abstracts

March 20, 2018 Abstract deadline for a Poster Presentation to be included in the Book of Abstracts Extension.

March 21, 2018 Within this date, information will be given on the acceptance of all abstracts

Please remember that you must pay the reduced registration fee by April 1, 2018 or the normal fee by April 15 2018. If no payment is made by these dates, then the abstract will not be included in the program and book of abstracts.

April 1, 2018 Deadline for Reduced Registration

April 15, 2018 Deadline for Normal Registration

April 20, 2018 Preliminary Program

May 13, 2018 GCxGC Course

May 14, 2018 15th GCxGC Symposium

May 15, 2018 42nd ISCC Symposium

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 palais des congrès Riva del Garda, Italy   Lien

ISC 218 à mandelieu la napoule du 23 au 27 septembre 2018

Edité le 22/08/2017

 Le 32nd International Symposium on Chromatography ISC 2018 se déroulera à Mandelieu la Napoule du 23 au 27 septembre 2018.


The International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC) represents a traditional congress series of major European Chemical Societies. It is one of the premier meetings for discussion of all modes of chromatography and separation sciences with a broad coverage of techniques and applications.


Le congrès est organisé par: 

Valérie PICHON et Didier THIEBAUT (Department of Analytical, Bioanalytical Sciences and Miniaturization (LSABM), Paris, France)

et Jean-Luc VEUTHEY (University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland)


Key Dates :

  • Online Registration and Abstract Submission : August 30, 2017Abstract submission deadline
  •  Abstract submission deadline: March 8, 2018 
  • Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2018

For more information visit the website: ISC2018.

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 Mandelieu la Napoule   Lien


Edité le 25/05/2017

PEFTEC 2017, Conference, Exhibition and Seminars. Petroleum, Refining and Environmental Monitoring Technologies, November 29-30, 2017, Antwerp Expo, Antwerp, Belgium.

Scientific Committee: Tom Lynch (BP Fuels, UK), Rod Robinson (National Physical Lab, UK), Frank David (RIC, Belgium)


PEFTEC is a focused international conference and exhibition for Analytical Chemists, Scientists, Process Operators, Laboratory Personnel and Environmental Managers who work in around the Petroleum, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical industries.


  • Standards & Quality Assurance
  • International & Industrial Regulation
  • Analytical Techniques: Separation Science & Elemental Analysis
  • Online & Process Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring and Treatment of Water, Air and Soil in and around the plant
  • Sensors and Remote Monitoring
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 Antwerp, Belgium   Lien

Advances in HPLC & Chromatographic Techniques

Edité le 22/11/2016

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Advances in HPLC & Chromatographic Techniques, July 10-11, 2017, Berlin, Germany.


Exhorting and Promulgating the Widespread Applications of Chromatography and Advancements in HPLC.


  • Advances in Various Chromatographic Techniques
  • Advances in HPLC Separation Techniques
  • Advances in HPLC Instrumentations
  • Hyphenated HPLC Methods
  • Chip Based Separations
  • High Efficiency and High Resolution Techniques
  • Method Development
  • Applications of HPLC
  • Biochemical Applications
  • HPLC Fingerprinting in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Recent Advances in HPLC
  • Market growth of HPLC
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 Berlin, Germany   Lien

HPTLC 2017

Edité le 21/11/2016

International Symposium on High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography, July 5-8, 2017, Berlin, Germany.

Chairmen: Prof Gertrud Morlock, Germany, Prof Colin Poole, USA.

Aims & scope:

Contributions are invited from all areas of high-performance thin-layer chromatography. Papers on theory, method development, validation, instrumental methods, hyphenated techniques, and quantitative applications in all areas of biology and chemistry would be most welcome.

 Berlin, Germany   Lien

HPLC 2017

Edité le 20/11/2016

45th International Symposium on Liquid Phase Separations and Related techniques, June 18-22, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic.

Chairmen: Michal Holcapek & Frantisek Foret

Scientific program: four parallel tracks:

Programtrack FUN (Fundamentals)

  1. Mechanisms of mass transport phenomena
  2. Ultra-high efficient separations
  3. Novel high-efficient separation media – core shell, sub-2 μm and nano-particles
  4. Characterization of HPLC stationary phases
  5. Monoliths based on inorganic supports
  6. Organic polymer monolithic and particular materials
  7. Separation mechanisms and structural effects - RP, HILIC and mixed mode
  8. Ion chromatography
  9. Novel stationary phases and selectors for chiral separations
  10. Supercritical fluid chromatography
  11. Thermodynamics of LC separations – temperature effects
  12. Electromigration techniques
  13. Multi-dimensional separations
  14. Method development, data analysis and chemometrics

Program track HYP (Hyphenations)

  1. Separation – high-resolution MS
  2. Supercritical fluid chromatography – MS
  3. Nanofluidic and microfluidic separations – MS
  4. Electrodriven separations – MS
  5. Coupling of separation techniques and MALDI-MS
  6. LC/ICP-MS
  7. Electrochemistry – MS
  8. Ion mobility in LC/MS
  9. Novel ionization techniques
  10. Spatial separation by MS imaging
  11. Quantitation in LC/MS
  12. Ion suppression and matrix-effects in LC/MS
  13. High-throughput, data processing and bioinformatics in LC/MS
  14. Biomarker discovery

Program track APP (Applications & Instrumentation)

  1. Proteomics
  2. Metabolomics
  3. Lipidomics
  4. Glycomics
  5. Systems biology
  6. Small molecules including chiral separations
  7. Food analysis
  8. Pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and drug metabolism
  9. Separations based on biospecific interactions – affinity chromatography and electrophoresis
  10. Clinical analysis
  11. Environmental analysis
  12. Forensics, doping and toxicology
  13. Natural products
  14. Sample preparation, detection and automation

Program track YOU (Young and Tutorials)

Scientific YOU program may include any of the general topics. YOU sessions will contain opening Tutorials by leading experts in the field followed by short presentations of young scientists. The significant support for students is being prepared, such as reduced conference fee, discount package with short courses, cheap accommodation, travel grants and awards for best young speakers and poster presenters. Our ultimate goal is to attract a new chromatographic generation to the Prague symposium.

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 Prague, Czech Republic   Lien