CBRNE 2017

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Edité le 19/11/2016

2nd International Conference on Chemicals, Biologicals, Radiologicals, Nuclears, and Explosives (CBRNE) - Research & Innovation, May 29-June 1 2017, Espace Albert Camus, Bron, Lyon, France.


The 2017 conference will focus on topics that could build a bridge between civilian and defence R&I in CBRNE countermeasures and explosive detection.


  • Medical Countermeasures

          Heath surveillance
          Drug development
          Comprehensive approaches

  • Detection/Identification/Diagnosis

           Home-made explosives (HME)
           Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
           Field sampling & analysis
           Skin biomarkers
           Bioindicators & sensors

  • Protection/Decontamination

          Human & environmental
          Smart surfaces & textiles
          Skin, wounds, hair & eyes



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