Offre de post-doc Université Paris-Saclay (12 mois)

Institut Galien Paris Saclay, UMR CNRS 86 12, PNAS team

Post-doc Offer (12 months): Exploring new formats and routes of administration for therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs): towards better stability

Contact :,

This postdoc is part of the large project ACCREDIA, bringing together a network of industrial and academic partners funded by the French government aiming at improving the knowledge, skill, and methodologies in antibody developability.

The project’s ambition is to create new antibody formats and evaluate alternative routes of administration compared to the traditional ones (intraveinous or subcutanneous), in particular, the inhalation one. To achieve this goal, the post-doc will develop analytical based strategies to elucidate aggregation susceptibility of various mAbs and to predict antibody stabilities when administered with new routes of administration. The impact of the degraded forms on innate immunity cells will also be investigated in vitro in close collaboration with the consortium partners.

Laboratory: Institut Galien Paris Saclay (IGPS), UMR CNRS 8612, PNAS team; Henry Moissan building, 17 avenue des sciences, 91400 Orsay ( )
IGPS is an interdisciplinary research institute and is considered as one of the main actors in Europe in the field of nanomedicine and gathers analytical and physico-chemists as well as biologists and pharmacologists. PNAS team has a strong background in protein and peptide analysis. IGPS benefits from the strong presence of national research organizations, numerous state-of-the-art facilities, and scientific
platforms of the Paris-Saclay University.

Starting date: December 2023/January-february 2024, 12 months (extension might be possible)

Financial support: PEPR contract 2023-2026 (ACCREDIA)

Candidate profile: PhD, Analytical chemist interested by cell biology and Immunology. knowledge on mAbs/proteins analysis.

To apply: send CV, cover letter and one or two references to and

Salary (gross) : ranging from 2889,51 to 4082,90 € per month depending on experience